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In order to lose weight (body fat) we need to cut back on calories and increase our metabolisms. We gain weight as we take in more calories than we burn up each day. To lose weight we need to reduce these calories and increase metabolism. Lack of excercise, poor nutrition and too much dieting slows down the metabolism.

The Drink Mix is a nutritional formula to use as a meal replacement for weight loss. By replacing meals we are cutting back on calories, by using the Vitamin, Mineral and Herb, Cell Regenerator, Chromium and Gingko Biloba we are able to increase our metabolisms. The nutrients tell the body not to slow down, the herbs get rid of toxins, help with water retention and break down cellulite.

Contents: 60 x 15 gram servings

Recommended Use:

Take one level scoop (included), or 1 heaped tablespoon,  in a glass of low fat milk, natural fruit juice or yogurt and replace one to two meals per day.

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