ADAM #1 – For a health prostate

The prostate gland is only found in men and surrounds the urethra. Most men suffer from an enlarged prostate at some stage of their lives. The symptoms of an enlarged prostate are difficulty and pain when urinating and frequent urination and/or cloudy urine. Most enlarged prostate cases are benign but can cause urinary tract infections known as prostatitis.

Adam #1 is a special combination of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids that are known to condition and detoxify the prostate gland resulting in a reduction of swelling and the normalization of the prostate. Two of the side effects of using Adam#1 are an increase in libido and sperm production and a decrease in hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances.

ADAM #2 – For increased stamina and performance


  • Siberian ginseng improves strength, stamina and gives you energy.
  • Damiana leaf is a mood enhancer.
  • Dong quai stimulates the sex glands.
  • Bee pollen enhances physical performance in men.
  • Bee propolis improves sperm production.
  • Royal jelly contains all the B-complex vitamins and amino acids.
  • Cayenne pepper – gets you hot!

For best results use in conjunction with Adam #1.

Abram Sebakamotse, Sebokeng
Abram Sebakamotse, SebokengProstate Problems
“My name is Abram Sebakamotse from Sebokeng. Several years ago I developed a severe pain in my prostate gland that I could barely walk, I could not even go to the toilet. My testicles swelled up and was extremely painful, I was drinking pain killers day and night. I started using Adam #1, Gingko Biloba and VMH and after 1 ...

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Sydney Zulu
Sydney ZuluSports Nutrition
My name is Sydney Zulu and I have been with Your Life since the company started in 1993. I have been using these products every day for more than 25 years. I run the comrades marathon every year and have received my green number for running 10 consecutive years!I am also a Comrades Grand Master as I am over 60 ...

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