The human body regenerates itself every second of every day. Every day, billions of cells die and new cells are
regenerated. The source of the building blocks of these new cells are the nutrients we eat daily.

FACT Every 5 days we have an entire new stomach lining
FACT Every 5 weeks we have an entire new skin covering
FACT Every 3 months we have an entire new skeleton
FACT Every 4 months we have an entire new blood supply
FACT Every year 98% of the cells in our bodies have been replaced

The quality of the nutrients we take in will to a large extent determine the quality of the cell that is regenerated.

CORE NUTRIENTS are the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats that we need to take in daily to sustain our bodies. In short, balanced nutrition is vital to good health.

Chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, eye disease, diabetes, depression, hypertension, high cholesterol etc can all be linked to nutrient deficiencies and lifestyle factors such as stress. Your Life has developed a balanced nutritional range of products to address these.

Vitamin, Mineral and Herb provides all the nutrition the body needs on a daily basis in perfect balance.

Cell Regenerator provides targeted nutrition to detoxify the organs, condition the heart muscle, rid the body of toxins and
free radicals, build up cells and slow down the aging process.

Gingko Biloba addresses the lack of Potassium and Magnesium in diets, it helps cells absorb nutrients and get rid of waste more efficiently.

Fibre with Probiotics addresses the lack of fibre in our diets. This is essential for proper digestion.

Sheree S, Western Cape
Sheree S, Western CapeLower Back Injury | Core Nutrients
In the middle of April 2017 I accidentally tore a disk in my lower back. I experienced immense pain and a great amount of discomfort in my back and legs due to the bulging of the torn disk. I drank boxes of pain pills and anti-inflammatories to no avail. Six weeks after the incident my physiotherapist informed me that my back ...

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Joyce Namuhuja, Windhoek
Joyce Namuhuja, WindhoekHigh Blood Pressure and Stress
"I am a new person." Since 1986 I have been suffering from high blood pressure (Hypertension). I was treated by a specialist for many years and he told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life. My blood pressure was uncontrollable. Sometimes I had to be admitted to hospital. A friend of mine,Kitty, who is a member ...

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Dinah Williams
Dinah WilliamsCore Nutrients
My name is Dinah Williams. I’ve been using YOUR LIFE supplements for the past 18 years and continue to use it daily. The supplements are very safe and gives the amount of energy needed for your body. Seven years ago, I’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer. It was a difficult road both physically and emotionally, but with the help of ...

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Tokkie Henrico, Piketberg
Tokkie Henrico, PiketbergImmune Support and Arthritis
I started with Your Life in 1997. I had malaria and was completely bedridden. I could not even lift my arms to take a drink of water.I started using the Vitamin, Mineral & Herb, Cell Regenerator and Gingko Biloba. Within two weeks I was up and about, my colour had returned. The doctor’s could not believe the ...

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