My name is Dinah Williams. I’ve been using YOUR LIFE supplements for the past 18 years and continue to use it daily. The supplements are very safe and gives the amount of energy needed for your body. Seven years ago, I’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer. It was a difficult road both physically and emotionally, but with the help of our Saviour Jesus Christ, I can declare that I’m healthy and fit. I fully recommend using the following products together with a lot of water, to keep you going daily and to build up your immune system: Fight It, Vitamin mineral and Herb, Winter formula, Happy Bones, Chitoson fat trapper , High Protein Drink mix.

Emotions play a very big role in our health. We read in the bible that as we think, so we are (Proverbs 16:24). If one allows negative thoughts all the time it makes you sick. We need to develop an attitude of gratitude. This does not mean we should live pretending nothing negative exists. It simply means we make it our call in life to be as positive as possible. A positive approach opens the doors for God to work.