Targeted nutrition to help the causes and symptoms of arthritis.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate are building blocks of collagen, connective tissue, and cartilage.

Use of this product eases joint swelling and stiffness and improve joint and muscle mobility and flexibility.



Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate are the major components of joint cartilage. White willow bark is a herb is a natural pain reliever. L-Glutamine prevents muscle and protein breakdown in the body. Betasitosterol helps to balance the body’s hormones. Boron is a essential mineral to prevent osteoporosis. Cobalamine and manganese sulphate are trace minerals found to be lacking in people with arthritis.

Reni Roodt
Reni RoodtArthritis
I have struggled with a weak ankle since my school days. I sustained an injury playing tennis. Walking for long distances and standing for too long left me with a swollen ankle. I could walk, as long as my ankle was in motion, but sitting down and giving my ankle time to cool off, left me with a lot of ...

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Aina Simson
Aina SimsonArthritis
Good Day. It is my pleasure to tell you about Your Life’s Glucosamine with Chondroitin. In 2002 I went to my doctor for my twice monthly routine injection for Arthritis. The Arthritis was so bad that I had to take a very strong medicine that made my body swell up to three times its normal size.At the doctor’s office ...

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Tokkie Henrico, Piketberg
Tokkie Henrico, PiketbergImmune Support and Arthritis
I started with Your Life in 1997. I had malaria and was completely bedridden. I could not even lift my arms to take a drink of water.I started using the Vitamin, Mineral & Herb, Cell Regenerator and Gingko Biloba. Within two weeks I was up and about, my colour had returned. The doctor’s could not believe the ...

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