Our biggest challenge in preventing sickness and disease is to avoid stress. Stress prevents our glands from working properly, affects the absorption and processing of nutrients and causes depletion of nutrients. Antibiotics cause havoc with our digestive systems, cortisone based drugs suppress our immune systems. Pollution adds to environmental stress causing respiratory infections placing even more strain on our immunity, couple this with poor diets and we are sicker now than we have ever been. The only solution is to sort out our digestion, take in good nutrition and immune boosters to keep our immunity at optimum levels.

FIBRE WITH PROBIOTICS – keeps our digestive system healthy enabling proper absorption of nutrients.

VITAMIN, MINERAL AND HERB – provides balanced nutrition.

CELL REGENERATOR – builds up cells and rids the body of toxins enabling our immune systems to better fight
off disease and infection.

FIGHT IT – Your Life’s unique combination of plant phytosterolins and immune boosting factors that are absorbed straight into the blood stream to boost our immune systems in fighting off viruses and infections.

WINTER FORMULA – 500mg of Vitiman C per tablet. Studies have shown that large doses of Vitamin C (2000mg/day) over a short period help to fight colds and flu. Contains herbs that open the air passages and boost immunity.

Dinah Williams
Dinah WilliamsCore Nutrients
My name is Dinah Williams. I’ve been using YOUR LIFE supplements for the past 18 years and continue to use it daily. The supplements are very safe and gives the amount of energy needed for your body. Seven years ago, I’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer. It was a difficult road both physically and emotionally, but with the help of ...

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 Dinah H, Northern Cape
Dinah H, Northern CapeSinus and Allergies
I have suffered with sinus and allergies my entire life. I am allergic to dust, pollen, feathers etc. I have been taking sinus medication for most of my life. Four years ago, Sophia de Bruyn suggested I take Your Life's Winter Formula. I take one a day, every day without fail, and my sinus problems have cleared up. I ...

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Samuel Woolf
Samuel WoolfSinus and Allergies
Samuel (11 years old) has suffered with ongoing sinus for the last year. The doctors say that it is the area we live in, it has a high pollen count and that it will just have to be managed with anti histamines. I have not been comfortable with continuously giving my child medication to keep the sinus under control. It ...

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Tina Goosen
Tina GoosenImmune Support
Dear Your Life, I just want to tell you how fantastic the Your Life products are. Late Tuesday afternoon, I went looking for Willie, my husband in the garden and as I opened my mouth to speak, my voice was gone. I realized that this is the beginning of the flu and immediately started with 3 Fight It tablets, 3 ...

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