Schizandra Royale is the ultimate “Super Tonic”. It decreases fatigue, improves endurance, improves brain activity and counters stress. Schizandra Royale helps to balance the chemicals in the brain helping people who suffer with Alzeimers, Epilepsy, Anxiety Disorders, ADD/ADHD and Hyperactivity.

Schizandra Royale has a calming effect on the body, especially in times of stress, and at the same time gives us energy.

High Protein Drink Mix contains proteins and carbs that give your brain the energy it needs for efficient functioning.

Cell Regenerator contains L Glutamine which is an amino acid that the body produces. However, in times of stress the body needs more L Glutimine than it can produce and therefore supplements are necessary.

Sydney Zulu
Sydney ZuluSports Nutrition
My name is Sydney Zulu and I have been with Your Life since the company started in 1993. I have been using these products every day for more than 25 years. I run the comrades marathon every year and have received my green number for running 10 consecutive years!I am also a Comrades Grand Master as I am over 60 ...

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Samuel Woolf
Samuel WoolfSinus and Allergies
Samuel (11 years old) has suffered with ongoing sinus for the last year. The doctors say that it is the area we live in, it has a high pollen count and that it will just have to be managed with anti histamines. I have not been comfortable with continuously giving my child medication to keep the sinus under control. It ...

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Ada Louw, Windhoek
Ada Louw, WindhoekMenopause, Osteoperosis, Memory Loss
I start using Your Life vitamins when I was in my mid-thirties, I suddenly started getting extreme hot flushes.  After several visits to different doctors, they could not found any problems and all of them informed me that I am too young to be in menopause.  I started using Lady Eve together with Vitamin, Mineral & Herb.  Within ...

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