Good Day. It is my pleasure to tell you about Your Life’s Glucosamine with Chondroitin. In 2002 I went to my doctor for my twice monthly routine injection for Arthritis. The Arthritis was so bad that I had to take a very strong medicine that made my body swell up to three times its normal size.

At the doctor’s office I found a Your Life brochure amongst the magazines. I paged through it and read the comments from people who had used the various Your Life products. Glucosamine was very well talked about. I phoned Kitty and drove to the Windhoek office from Gobabis. I started immediately and used double the dosage for a month because of the pain. The next month the doctor phoned me to ask me why I had not come in for my twice monthly injection. I told him that I was using Your Life’s Glucosamine with Chondroitin and that I was pain free !! I have not had another injection for arthritis in over 15 years. I also use the Vitamin, Mineral and Herb. It has done me good and I wish that other people who suffer with arthritis know about it. Long Live Your Life !!

– Aina Simson, Windhoek