“I am a new person.” Since 1986 I have been suffering from high blood pressure (Hypertension). I was treated by a specialist for many years and he told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life. My blood pressure was uncontrollable. Sometimes I had to be admitted to hospital. A friend of mine,Kitty, who is a member of Your Life introduced me to Your Life health products. In 1998 I started using the Vitamin, Mineral & Herb, Monks #1 and Gingko Biloba and from then on my blood pressure has been normal. I have a high pressure position in the Namibian parliament and I am still healthy thanks to Your Life. I also started using Lady Eve and I am now 62 years old and have never experienced any hot flushes and all those symptoms of menopause. For me they worked and I am very thankful for the Your Life natural supplements.