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ADAM # 2


Adam #2 is a formulation of herbs and honey extracts to increase stamina and performance in men.

Key Ingredients:

  • Siberian ginseng improves strength, stamina and gives you energy.
  • Damiana leaf is a mood enhancer.
  • Dong quai stimulates the sex glands.
  • Bee pollen enhances physical performance in men.
  • Bee propolis improves sperm production.
  • Royal jelly contains all the B-complex vitamins and amino acids.
  • Cayenne pepper – gets you hot !!

For best results use in conjunction with Adam #1

Recommended Use:

One to two Capsules in the evening or when you feel like it.


60 Capsules

Sydney Zulu
Sydney ZuluSports Nutrition
My name is Sydney Zulu and I have been with Your Life since the company started in 1993. I have been using these products every day for more than 25 years. I run the comrades marathon every year and have received my green number for running 10 consecutive years!I am also a Comrades Grand Master as I am over 60 ...

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