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Sister Louise L, Vereeniging
Sister Louise L, VereenigingCovid 19
My name is Louise L from Vereniging, Gauteng. I am a nursing sister working at a hospital in the Vaal Triangle in the Covid 19 Ward.On Thursday 9th July 2020 I started feeling very tired with aches and pains all over my body. I had a terrible headache and high fever, I had loss of taste and a very tight ...

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Tina Goosen
Tina GoosenImmune Support
Dear Your Life, I just want to tell you how fantastic the Your Life products are. Late Tuesday afternoon, I went looking for Willie, my husband in the garden and as I opened my mouth to speak, my voice was gone. I realized that this is the beginning of the flu and immediately started with 3 Fight It tablets, 3 ...

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Samuel Woolf
Samuel WoolfSinus and Allergies
Samuel (11 years old) has suffered with ongoing sinus for the last year. The doctors say that it is the area we live in, it has a high pollen count and that it will just have to be managed with anti histamines. I have not been comfortable with continuously giving my child medication to keep the sinus under control. It ...

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